TENGO is YOUR 3. Hand

All-in-One Tool and a true Space Miracle

perfect for every kitchen lover


“Simplicity is the greatest form of sophistication.”
(presumably by Leonardo da Vinci)


Where to put the hot lid …  the cooking spoon … the hot pot … the hot baking tray …

The water is cooking, where to put the hot lid?

To stir the noodles, where with the dripping cooking spoon?

The rice lies rinsed in the sieve, where withthe dripping sieve?

Food is ready, where with the hot pot?

Food should be served, where with the hot lid?

The cake should cool down, where with the steaming baking tray?

Everybody knows the problem and does not know where?

TENGO carries (nearly) everything and is always where you need it … and it is a bag holder, warmer, spoon holder, dry stand … and your lid becomes a bowl …

Also in small kitchens and even so in the camper it is an essential long-lasting friend, because it needs only approx. 10 cm space – instead of 28 cm lid diametetor or others.

From high-quality, rustproof, weakly brushed stainless steel (18/10) made in Germany. TENGO fulfils the highest requirements:

  • Solid Processing – no hinges, no jamming and squeaking
  • High-level Functionality – all-in-one solution
  • Intuitive Handling – turn the lid over and put in down; stands save where you want it
  • Easy to Clean – no angles, corners and eyes
  • Hygienically – the work surface is not touched
  • Food-neutrally – made of stainless steel
  • Space-Saving – stow away in the empty pot
  • Space-Creating – only 10 cm area instead of 20 cm or 28 cm lid diameter are needed
  • Strong – nearly indestructible
  • the Ideal Weight: not too light and not too heavy – this is how bags can stand
  • Environment-Friendly – sustainable in use and not made of plastic

How to use 

100% stainless steel
100% Made in Germany
Save Time by Simplifying
Lasts a lifetime

TENGO provides …

  • Less dish washing: The lid becomes a bowl during the preparations – directly form the lid into the pot or pan
  • Less energy consumption: Cooking with lid saves up to 60% of energy. . . and thus you make easily your contribution to protect the environment
  • More hygiene: Cooking spoons and other kitchen helpers are always ready to use and do not touch the work surface (“lift effect”).
    Condensation water remains inside the lid … and the work surface stays clean.
  • More stability: Noodle bag, sieve, bowl, foundry ladle, breakable porcelain lid /glass cover for soup terrine, fruit in rum, champagne punch, cake bonnet, cheese dome etc. everything stands solide.
  • More space and creates a second level: only 10 cm space are necessary on table or buffet.
  • Determine yourself the size of your food warmer: for all dimensions of platters, however, also for little butter frying pan and mini-fondue.
  • Cooling: hot oven grids cool down more quickly.
Cooking and Serving: nice, fast, clean and economic!

The rectangular TENGO carries …

  • lid with bracket handle
  • handy cookbooks, tablet and smartphone
  • in a duo also screens (e. g. TV,  PC) with base plate


Here are some of the many uses for TENGO … from cooking on the stove to serving at the table.

TENGO turns the lid into a bowl for vegetable crisping …
… from the lid to the hot pan …
… put the lid on … and spoon over the TENGO
… cookbooks are also carried by the angular TENGO
… also the tablet across …
… also the tablet upright …
… install dripping sieves hygienically …
… a bowl in the TENGO catches drops …
… all bags can stand …
TENGO turns lids into serving bowls …
… already 2 TENGO carry almost everything …
Cheese fondue needs sufficient heat …
… steaming anticipation …
… stir … stir … stir …
… or spontaneous cheese fondue as candle-light-for-two …
… and become a cake-plate stand …
… ideal as a warmer …
TENGO left …
TENGO right …
… finished is the ideal monitor stand
As a handy roller, the round TENGO replaces the rolling pin
… secure hold also for chopping-knife
TENGO carries lid and pot
scratch pot out … eat rest – nothing stays in the pot